miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

actividad: charla sobre conflictos urbanos en Río de Janeiro y Buenos Aires

Urban resistance and contestation in Latin America. A view from Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.
Wednesday, February 19, 5pm
University of Leeds, Geography East Lecture Theatre

Pablo Vitale, a visiting research from Buenos Aires and Federico Venturini a researcher from Leeds recently arrived from Rio de Janeiro will present their experiences of urban contestation and working with social movements in these two cities. On Buenos Aires the focus will be on self-management of residents of informal neighbourhoods and their links with public policy and in Rio the focus will be on the recent urban uprising in Brazilian cities and the experience of doing fieldwork in revolutionary times
A talk organised as part of the Contested Cities network, School of Geography, University of Leeds.

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(foto Río de Janeiro: Federico Venturini)